NCAA Tournament History for San Francisco

+ indicates wins over a higher seeded team.
- indicates losses to a lower seeded team.

Overall Record: 21-15, 0.583

2022West CoastEast10
1998West CoastWest14
  • lost to W 3 Utah 68-85
1982West CoastMidwest9
1981West CoastWest9
1979West CoastWest4
  • beat W 5 BYU 86-63
  • lost to W 1 UCLA 81-99
1978West CoastWest
1977West CoastWest
  • lost to UNLV 95-121
1974West CoastWest
1973West CoastWest
1972West CoastWest
1965West CoastWest
1964West CoastWest
1963West CoastWest
1958West CoastWest
1957West CoastWest
1956West CoastWest
1955West CoastWest