NCAA Tournament History for San Diego St

+ indicates wins over a higher seeded team.
- indicates losses to a lower seeded team.

Overall Record: 11-15, 0.423

2023Mountain WestSouth5
2022Mountain WestMidwest8
2021Mountain WestMidwest6
2018Mountain WestWest11
2015Mountain WestSouth8
2014Mountain WestWest4
2013Mountain WestSouth7
2012Mountain WestMidwest6
2011Mountain WestWest2
2010Mountain WestMidwest11
2006Mountain WestWest11
2002Mountain WestMidwest13
  • lost to W 4 UNLV 80-85
1976Big WestWest
  • lost to UCLA 64-74
1975Big WestWest
  • lost to UNLV 80-90