NCAA Tournament History for Western Ky

+ indicates wins over a higher seeded team.
- indicates losses to a lower seeded team.

Overall Record: 19-24, 0.442

2013Sun BeltSouth16
2012Sun BeltSouth16
2009Sun BeltSouth12
2008Sun BeltWest12
2003Sun BeltWest13
2002Sun BeltMidwest9
2001Sun BeltSouth14
1995Sun BeltMidwest8
1994Sun BeltMidwest11
  • lost to M 6 Texas 77-91
1993Sun BeltSoutheast7
1987Sun BeltEast10
1986Sun BeltSoutheast8
1981Ohio ValleyMideast10
  • lost to ME 7 UAB 68-93
1980Ohio ValleyMideast10
1978Ohio ValleyMideast
1976Ohio ValleyMideast
1971Ohio ValleyMideast
1970Ohio ValleyMideast
1967Ohio ValleyMideast
1966Ohio ValleyMideast
1962Ohio ValleyMideast
1960Ohio ValleyMideast
1940KY IntercollegEast