NCAA Tournament History for UAB

+ indicates wins over a higher seeded team.
- indicates losses to a lower seeded team.

Overall Record: 10-16, 0.385

2022Conference USASouth12
2015Conference USASouth14
2011Conference USAEast21
2006Conference USAEast9
2005Conference USAMidwest11
2004Conference USAMidwest9
1999Conference USAWest12
  • lost to W 5 Iowa 64-77
1994Great MidwestEast7
1990Sun BeltEast10
  • lost to E 7 UCLA 56-68
1987Sun BeltSoutheast11
1986Sun BeltWest6
1985Sun BeltMidwest7
1984Sun BeltMideast9
  • lost to ME 8 BYU 68-84
1983Sun BeltMideast10
1982Sun BeltMideast4
1981Sun BeltMideast7