NCAA Tournament History for Iowa State

+ indicates wins over a higher seeded team.
- indicates losses to a lower seeded team.

Overall Record: 21-22, 0.488

2023Big 12Midwest6
2022Big 12Midwest11
2019Big 12Midwest6
2017Big 12Midwest5
2016Big 12Midwest4
2015Big 12South3
  • -lost to S 14 UAB 59-60
2014Big 12East3
2013Big 12West10
2012Big 12South8
2005Big 12East9
2001Big 12West2
2000Big 12Midwest2
1997Big 12Midwest6
1996Big EightMidwest5
1995Big EightSoutheast7
1993Big EightWest8
  • -lost to W 9 UCLA 70-81
1992Big EightEast10
1989Big EightSoutheast10
  • lost to SE 7 UCLA 74-84
1988Big EightEast12
1986Big EightMidwest7
1985Big EightMidwest13
1944Big EightWest