NCAA Tournament History for Iowa

+ indicates wins over a higher seeded team.
- indicates losses to a lower seeded team.

Overall Record: 31-31, 0.500

2023Big TenMidwest8
2022Big TenMidwest5
2021Big TenWest2
2019Big TenSouth10
2016Big TenSouth7
2015Big TenSouth7
2014Big TenMidwest22
2006Big TenSouth3
2005Big TenSouth10
2001Big TenEast7
1999Big TenWest5
1997Big TenWest8
1996Big TenWest6
1993Big TenSoutheast4
1992Big TenEast9
  • +beat E 8 Texas 98-92
  • lost to E 1 Duke 62-75
1991Big TenMidwest7
1989Big TenEast4
1988Big TenWest5
1987Big TenWest2
1986Big TenMidwest11
1985Big TenWest8
1983Big TenMidwest7
1982Big TenWest6
1981Big TenMidwest3
1980Big TenEast5
1979Big TenMideast4
1970Big TenMideast
1956Big TenMideast
1955Big TenEast