NCAA Tournament History for St. Joseph's

+ indicates wins over a higher seeded team.
- indicates losses to a lower seeded team.

Overall Record: 19-25, 0.432

2016Atlantic 10West8
2014Atlantic 10East10
2008Atlantic 10East11
2004Atlantic 10East1
2003Atlantic 10East7
  • -lost to E 10 Auburn 63-65, OT
2001Atlantic 10West9
1997Atlantic 10West4
1986Atlantic 10East6
1982East CoastEast6
1981East CoastMideast9
1974East CoastEast
1973East CoastEast
1971East CoastEast
1969East CoastEast
1966East CoastEast
1965East CoastEast
1963East CoastEast
1962East CoastEast
1961East CoastEast
1960East CoastEast
1959East CoastEast