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Road Trip to the Final Four

Follow my travels on the road to the Final Four on this page.

I will also be live blogging the games there. I'm usually on about 15-30 minutes before the games start. Click here to access the live blog.

Bracket Up

The final bracket is now re-posted after a fix of the 16-seed play-in games. The only potential change now would be that if Ohio St loses, the entire regions of Kansas and Ohio St switch in the bracket as Kansas becomes the overall #1, but no individual team seed will change. I correctly predicted all 34 at-large teams last year, and 55 of 65 teams seeded within one of their correct seed.

This year, I missed two teams and had 53/68 within one of actual seed. I also had all four #1 seeds correct.

Click here for my media schedule.

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  • Weekly Radio

  • I am hosting my own show called On the Ball on Saturdays at 9:00 AM on Lakeshore Public Radio 89.1 FM in NW Indiana.

    March 12th show guests: Me. Live from New York, it's Saturday Morning!

    You can also click here to listen to this week's podcast (last updated 1/31).

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